Ensuring consistent renewable energy production.

REOAM ensures consistent renewable energy production by maintaining system availability and prompt fault rectification.

Our Services

Reoam provides a wide range of call-out  and management services to keep your renewable energy asset on-line.

Reoam’s Operation packages capture data and provide analysis to supervise and report on your system’s health. Working alongside you and your preferred maintenance providers, Reoam provide high level support to maximise system yield.
Reoam’s Technical Asset Management packages are the best way to manage your complete plant operation and maintenance requirements. Building on our Asset Operations packages, our service agreements can be tailored to meet your asset specifics. As your partner, we focus on your renewable assets, so you don’t have to.

Renewable Energy Operations and Management

Our team of technical experts and qualified service personnel manage all aspects of your plant, from pre-installation consultation through to scheduled and reactive maintenance tasks.