Field Testing

Installation Test

Utilizing general electrical and specialist solar test equipment, we can quickly certify an installation or locate a fault. Additionally, periodic general installation tests can provide plant efficiency and safety baselines, revealing trends and facilitating preventative maintenance operations.

We know the most common cause of fire in a solar PV system are poor electrical connections. Our technicians always tighten electrical terminals with specialised torque-setting drivers to ensure a reliable, safe termination. We can also re-check all of your electrical terminations to give peace of mind.

IV Curve Test

IV Curve testing involves the measurement of current and voltage characteristics in relation to measured irradiance. A failed IV Curve test may indicate non-compliance with manufacturer warranty specification. With our HT Italia 1500v IV Curve tester, we are able to test individual PV modules and whole strings to ensure correct panel performance, up to 15a and 1500v DC.

We also offer this service for sample testing PV modules pre-installation.

Inverter Efficiency Test

Utillizing our HT Italia Inverter test equipment, we accurately measure energy losses through the PV inverter. Under performance can initiate a warranty claim or identify the need to investigate the potential gains from an inverter repowering program.

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