System Upgrades

Replacement of inefficient equipment

Over time, electronic equipment may suffer a reduction in efficiency. Reduced efficiency reduces energy yield and therefore the benefit to the owner. Also, over time efficiency of new components increases as continued research and development yields improvements.

Understanding this process we are able to use a various tools to analyse historical performance data and onsite measurements to suggest where improvements can be made.

Items generally reviewed are PV modules, Inverters and generation/export control systems.

Installation of monitoring tools

Installing fixed plant monitoring equipment such as data loggers, irradiance meters and weather stations allows for data acquisition and remote analysis of the PV plant. Once data is collected and measured, quick performance and fault analysis can be undertaken, ensure maximum system uptime.


Increasing trends of failure or aging inefficient systems can quickly build a case for system “Repowering”. This may be the replacement of old inefficient panels as continued module development means that a much higher yield can be delivered from the same amount of space. Another repowering task may be the replacement of inverters as increasing failures lead to higher down time, lower yield and service calls.

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