Thermal imaging of electrical components is a great way to quickly identify potential problems. All of Reoam’s thermal inspections are supplied with descriptive, photographic reports.

Switchboard Inspection

Inspection of electrical enclosures via thermal imaging is the fastest way to identify a potential fire hazard. A temperature rise is quickly spotted with loose terminals or overloaded components. Early intervention after analysis of our detailed Thermography report prevents the occurrence of safety risks, minimises system downtime and saves on repair costs.

DC Component Inspection

Viewing of the various DC components that form the Solar PV plant, allows quick identification of potential points of failure. Items such as solar isolators, junction boxes, terminals, MC4 plugs etc are potential points of failure and sources of fire if a poor connection exists.  

PV Module Inspection

Inspecting PV modules with a thermal camera in the field and under load quickly shows hot and cold spots. This could indicate potential points of failure or fire, under performing cells or Potential Induced Degradation (PID). Locating and repairing these issues ensures safety, plant longevity and system yield.

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